At Imaginaire, you will be able to find everything for your scale models and model kits!

With scale models, you can enjo displaying your favorite cars. trucks and other vehicules. FordDodgeHondaLamborghiniFerrariVolkswagen, you will find it and much more. Especially the models of that awesome car you've seen in a movie!

These Scale models are usually in between the 1/18 and 1/64 ratios. You wouldn't believe the amount of details even when it's this small compared to the life-sized version!

Model kits include components to assemble into models or every kind. Car, boats, planes, buildings, you name it!

You can also find primer, paint and varnish to make sure your assembled model kits look perfect. Acrylic paint, enamel paint,  glossy or mat finish, airbrush kit ... all the accessories you will ever need can be found here!