Here, at Imaginaire, you will be able to find a large selection of puzzle. In fact, it is so large that you would not be able to complete all of them in a year, or so they say!

Regular Puzzles such as Ravensburger and Cobble Hill, Wasgij, 3 dimensions puzzles, assemble the pieces! The total amount of pieces range from 27 for the younger ones to a humungus 32 000 pieces for the true hardcore amateur! 

You surely know about the puzzle's box showing the puzzle's end results. Wasgij Puzzles actually show a snip of the end result, or a completely different image that give simple clues about the theme of the hidden picture!

3D puzzles are usually soaft and thick pieces that makes from incredible constructions, and add more fun and strategy when trying to complete a puzzle as fast as possible, you cannot just start with the borders, there are way too many!

If you want less classic puzzles, try some Cast Puzzles. Be watchful as you try to solve them, the wooden puzzles and metal puzzles are ferocious! Yes, they might bite. Or not. Either way, solving them might take patience, logic, skills, timing and maybe a bit of luck!

You can also try the unforgettable Rubik's Cube. If you are past that level, there are hundreds of variants to make your best solving time and statregy completely irrelevant! You like a real challenge, right?