L'Imaginaire offers the largest selection and biggest inventory of miniature games in Quebec!

You will be able to test your talent assembling and painting miniature figurines with Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warhammer: 40 000, Warmachine & Hordes and many others! All your favorite armies will be there! You will find all the new products available on release day and you can even preorder! You will also be able to find all the tools to cut, assemble and paint your miniatures figurines! We offer a large selection of tools, glues, primers and paints from many distributers, just for you!

It makes sense we also offer miniatures games where the figurines are already painted and assembled, such as Star Wars: Armada, Star Wars: X-wing, Star Trek: Attack Wing and other ones!

You will find many other accessories, such as magazines, playmats, dice, boxes, suitcases, cases, markers, tokens, rulers, sleeves, foam tray and many more! You will even find all the necessary materials to create your own scenery!

If you can just collect these figurines, these are also board games! They make for perfect strategy games! You can visit our store and reserve a table to play some game with friends or register for one of our tournaments: 40k, X-Wing, Armada and even more! For more informations, ask!