Comic books

Imaginaire has the biggest comic supply in all of Quebec city! We offer comic books of all your favorite series and characters, such as Batman, Spider-Man, the X-Men, Superman, The guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers, Arrow, The Punisher, DareDevil, The Walking Dead and many more! If you heard about them because of an upcoming movie, game or the superfan at work or at school, it's probably because it was in a comic book, and we have it!

You will also be able to preorder all the new comic book issues! With your monthly previews magazine, you can make sure you get all the new and hot issuesComic books usually come in single issues that do not often get reprints, making them more valuable over time! Whenever they are popular enough, they get a TP (trade paperback; a recollection of past issues) and you will find it here! Imaginaire also offers you comic packs, in case you want all issues in a serie, instead of TP. They are so popular they usally disappear faster than The Flash can run!

If you want figures, t-shirts, posters, keychains, glasswares or any kind of product with your favorite fictionnal character or superheroes, we have it! Also check our art and reference books to know everything about Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comic, IDW Publishing,  Boom! Studios, Vertigo, Dynamite, Titan comics, Aftershock and more!

For the collectors, we also have a great selection of autographed comics books and back issues! These old issues range from a couple months back to super rare editions showing the 1st appearance of new characters! We also buy back your old issues, our team is here for you and they are as passionate about fictionnal universe as you are! Come and speak with us in store or send a mail at!