Schleich figurines make for an entire world of fantastic figures that can be used as toys or for display! You will find all the Schleich animals classics that people came to love over the years, such as the Schleich HorsesSchleich Dinosaurs and the Schleich Barns. Creating your own Schleich farm out of the Schleich figures is as easy as it gets!

Imaginaire like to offers you their products because they are made of resistant and non toxic materials, which make these high quality and hand painted figurines both fun and educative!

You will also find the other products from this great compagny: The Knights and their castles, the World of the Elves and the legendary Smurfs. These little blue figures are countless, each representing a single activity, such as painting, sleeping or travelling. They make for original and excellent gifts!

Essentially, everything from farm life to wild life is covered, even the animals from fantasy universes such as dragons!

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