Canadian coins

Here are the Canadian coins available as singles, sets or rolls. Face value include the usual 1 cent coins, 5 cent coins, 10 cent coins, 25 cent, 1 dollar and the 2 dollar coins. It also includes the less mentionned 50 cent coins and other rarer denominations like the 20$. We have circulation coins as well as out of circulation coins, all issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. In various grades, you will find something to add to your collection, be it a canadian silver maple leaf, a silver dollar coin, new canadian mint coins, old silver canadian quarters or even a used 5 cent showing your favorite animal, the beaver!

You will be able to find everything you might ever dream of as a canadian coins collector, be it rare or more common coins. Our specialists, which can boast up to 30 years of experience in coins evaluations, can identify all of your canadian dollar coins values. It can be canadian gold coins, canadian silver coins, rare canadian coins or more common ones. As long as it belongs to the canadian mint category, we can evaluate your mint coins value

The majority of these coins are not listed on our website. Do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-462-4495, send us an email listing the coins you are looking for at or visit us at the store. We have more than 30 binders full of old and recent coins of Canada, tons of paper money as well as all you might need to complete or start your collection!

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