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Iron Man

Iron ManIron Man is without a doubt one of Marvel's most famous superhero. Tony Stark is a playboy, a genius and a billionaire. He built a suit of armor while he was captive and hurt, in order to escape from terrorists who were forcing him to build WMDs. Once he escaped, he improved the suit and he produced the robotic armor he uses as the superhero Iron Man. Iron Man is also a part of the Avengers who are in charged of protecting peace on Earth.

You will find all of Iron Man's adventures in the American Comics section. Published by Marvel, you can find different series featuring this hero: Iron Man, Invincible Iron Man, and the Essential Iron Man (omnibus edition). For the collectors, check out our back issues selection.

Don't forget to take a look at the selection of Iron Man movie & comic figures! If you want to become a superhero, visit our costume section: we have a wide selection for kids & adults.

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